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So one day I was walking past a local wool shop and all the different wools caught my eye.  They looked incredibly beautiful (and colourful), piled sky-high.  Next thing I knew, a sudden urge came over me and I purchased a couple of balls; my mind was planning my first project.

I’ll make something simple, something doable, something my rusty basic crochet skills can cope with, I thought to myself.  And as with many beginner crocheters, I decided on a scarf. Yes you guessed it I’m sure!

Of the huge collection of patterns I quickly accumulated, I decided on a pattern I came across in a blog.  I felt that this scarf was pretty and elegant, and that the SC,DC and counting skills were just right for my level.

After another trip to the yarn shop to pick up the required crochet hook, I began.  I normally like to wear slightly wider scarves so I doubled the number of shells in a row. Ecstatic that I could do it and how quickly it was coming along, I didn’t notice until the very end that it didn’t look much like the scarf in the picture .   Turned out that I had used the wrong hook. In fact I used the 4.5mm which was supposed to be for the edging (whoops!). As a result the shells were much tighter as was the scarf overall.

So, although I succeeded in producing a crochet scarf, I was quite disappointed with the outcome.  The lacey effect is what drew me to this pattern after all. Undeterred however, I decided to keep it (it’s perfectly usable after all) and try again.

My lesson from this: Always read the pattern and required materials very carefully or be ready for a quite different looking end-product………

Stay tuned for crochet scarf project, take II!

(For future reference I will add the patterns and all other sources I refer to/use, to the library page, or as is commonly know in blogging circles, my ‘blogroll’).