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It’s been a while, a very long while; strange happenings, a crisis or two, nationwide conspiracies and dalliances with the unknown have kept me preoccupied for the last 6 months or so crochet agenda. Anyhow, crochet has been resumed and I’m back to blog about it.

Due to my ‘time off’ I lost the momentum I had gained both on the reading and practical front so it’s taken a little while to pick it up again, and to help me along I received an additional nudge in the form of a Christmas present of a pattern book and mountain for multi-coloured wool.

Crochet, Pattern

My present 🙂

From the Pattern book I’ve already made a hat (the blue shell stitch one you can see on the cover.) It was incredibly easy to follow and turned out perfect (in my opinion.)

Shell Stitch Hat


This was just a quick post to say hello, explain my absence and show you my latest works in crochet. From now on I hope to post more regularly and expand the knowledge base too!

Oh and last of all Happy New Year to you!!!