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  1. It’s easy to teach yourself (like moi!).  All you need is an easy pattern and a guide to different stitches; the internet is littered with resources.
  2. It’s a fabulous hobby that won’t cost you much; just some hooks and yarn will set you on your way.
  3. It’s therapeutic. You can get lost in your project and just forget the chaos surrounding you and your day to day stresses.
  4. You can produce some fabulous (and useful) things for yourself, friends, family and the home.
  5. And my personal favourite; all the lovely compliments your handiwork bring :-).  Compliments brighten your day and make you proud of your achievements!

It was whilst I was passing a local wool shop, that I remembered how long it had been since I last crocheted anything. On a whim, I bought a couple of balls of yarn and decided to see if I could still do it, and before I knew it I had made my first scarf!

From then on I’ve been collecting patterns and finding resources that will help me to develop my skill level.  I will blog my progress here and share the resources, patterns and tips I use along the way and I hope that others can benefit from my experience.