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You may be aware of my disappointment (from my previous post ) at not replicating the scarf pattern exactly (as lovely as it turned out).  No sooner had I finished it, I rushed to my local wool shop and bought myself some beautiful multi-shaded wool which reminded me of peacocks.  Perfect for a lacy shell number.

You can see what I mean about reminding me of peacocks; that, plus the fact this wool was soooo incredibly soft to touch.  I bought it from my local wool shop and interestingly the wool was produced locally too, in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Having looked into it a little, I discovered that Yorkshire has a rich heritage in wool, which I think is pretty cool as an inhabitant (though I’m not from Yorkshire originally).   In fact I think I may even write a blog post on the matter – that’s how cool I think it is.

Anyway, I digress.  I’m very happy to announce that my scarf turned out exactly how it should: lacy and gorgeous!

Take a look:

Et voila!  Mission completed.

If  you are a newbie crocheter like me then I really do recommend this pattern.  It’s a very simple rhythmic pattern, which allows you to practice getting to grips with holding the hook and yarn, and counting shells and stitches.

Pattern can be found at:

Until next time…!