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I love hats.

I am a ‘hattie’ (as in a hat person), crocheted or not, so it’s only natural that I would fast turn to crochet hat making.

Initially, I chose one of the easiest patterns I could find (and understand) and set out to test it using some bargain priced wool I had.

This pattern was fast and easy to work in the round with the treble crochet stitch (TC in UK terms), each round ending with a slip stitch, and also provided a nice introduction to changing colours.

Unfortunately a seam is visible travelling down the hat where the slip stitch occurs, which isn’t really a biggie, just makes the hat less than perfect :-(.

As you can see, the hat is (still) incomplete.  This is because I had already set my sights on another hat which I sooooo very badly wanted to make, and as my confidence in my crochet skills had grown, I thought I’d take it on straight away.  Ideally I’d like to complete a project before I move on, otherwise the unfinished projects become neglected and remain, well, unfinished.

Anyhow, the pattern for the second hat was found at Caron International, and looks like a very cool cloche hat.  I’m pleased to tell you that this one I did complete and have also worn out-and-about already :-).

The entire hat is made in the double crochet (DC in UK terms) and some reverse double crochet (Rev DC in UK terms) on the band.  The hat was worked in spiraled circles, and therefore had no joining stitch which I think I prefer.

The reverse stitch was a bit of a pain but not impossible I’m pleased to say.  Though it’s not something I look forward to doing again, I can see it’s added value to the finishing of a piece.

Now I really must find some time to finish off the first hat before I go off on yet another tangent :-/

Must mention that I have joined #handmademonday with this blog post.  A great place to mingle with other crafters and and look at each others latest handmade makes.